The ways that you can give to the Trust are detailed below. Contact us if you want more information. You can read the full 2010 Annual Report and see the Trust's achievements. As a guide 120/yr (10/mth) will educate one child and provide extended schooling.

Gift Aid

Donation by Gift Aid entails a simple declaration. Then every 1 you donate is increased to 1.28 by the gov'nment. We will collect the extra 28p for you.


Your solicitor will be able to draw up a clause in your will in favour of Jacana Care Trust if he has the basic contact details: name & number as in footer.

Tax Rebate

To donate all or part of your tax rebate, please enter the following code in your tax return form: VAT61RG.

Gifts of Shares

Gifts of Stocks and Shares, in small lots or large holdings, can be made using ShareGift with saving on transfer fees, capital gains tax and income tax.

Selling on Ebay

We have a charity account with Ebay. Anyone selling goods can donate a portion or all of the proceeds to charity and Ebay will rebate their selling fees.

Payroll Giving

Your employer may [be persuaded to] operate a Payroll Giving scheme. Your gift is given before tax is deducted.

Decide what you can donate:
120/year or 10/month. Donate Now With a CAF Charity account. with links to major retailers that earn JCT commission.