Grant Funding

The Trust does its own research on charities using freely available data. It has a policy on evaluation and screening against the Trust's criteria. Charities can help by being good at what they do and being transparent in their reporting. We do not accept grant requests.

Selection criteria

We screen for charities that match our values well and work in the education of disadvantaged children; that is children who have poor access to education or who are hard to reach learners.

We look for good web-sites and annual reports that have excellent reporting of activities and finances; charities with a sound ethos and organisation, but not overtly religious; where the benefit is to individuals and is relatively good value.

We would like to support charities that are now entering a new phase in their development and are expanding with confidence and renewed vigour.


Keep an eye on this web-site regularly for changes in strategy. The Trustees will review their programmes annually.

Grant Streams

A. Child Education Overseas

Improving poor access to appropriate education in India/South Asia.

B. Child Education in England

Improving motivation of hard-to-reach learners in Hyndburn/Lancashire.

C. Miscellaneous

Small grants to causes identified by the trustees as fit for support.

Funds Available